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Me: *has no clue how to speak Japanese*

Me: *aggressively sings entire anime theme song in Japanese*


10,000 Stars

A Chrome Experiment


Ghost in the Shell by Martin Ansin / Twitter

24” X 36” screen print, numbered edition of 375. Foil Variant was available at Mondo-Con in Austin, TX.


Antonio: “Well, as an experienced merchant, I’m always on the look out for fabulous opportunity~”

Gilbert: “And since the boys are off having a spat and lots of subsequent ‘butter my yummy sweet roll with the mammoth sausage’, we decided to step in as…temporary masters of ceremony~”

Matthew: >_> “Why would someone want to butter a sweet roll with —”

Francis: “YES, we’re here on a humanitarian and most altruistic endeavor. Matthew! I think I see another message left by the courier over there. Would you be a lad and fetch it? See it? No? Perhaps it’s in the other room. Perfect.” *SLAPS GILBERT AND ANTONIO THE SECOND MATTHEW’S OUT OF EAR SHOT* “Will you please mind your tongues around Matthew!”

Antonio: ”Ow! As if you’re a saint!”

Gilbert: “I think he’s just jealous and wants to butter someone’s sweet roll.”

For real I grew up thinking snow days were a myth or only happened in the movies but like

Are they real?


when your friend makes a vague post and you’re worried it’s about you cause if it was it’d be true 



The most dangerous thing society teaches boys and men, especially white boys and men, is that their emotions are objective logic and reason and that anyone who disagrees is being irrational.


乾き に出てたオダジョがスーツにカジュアルスニーカー合わせてはいててクソカッコ良かったのを思い出しながらかいた